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Had a major breakthrough with Moses today. When I got him two weeks ago he had significant toy/food guarding issues. Really didn't know how to play with toys or other dogs. Today Oakley brought his favorite monkey toy to Moses and they played with it together for quite a while. RIP monkey toy. Thank Karen Kelley for helping my new kid become a normal dog.

Teresa Medlock, DVM

Hi Karen,

I have been meaning to email you to let you know how well Rudy, Maggie and Sophie are doing since your last visit. I am doing much better with the philosophy of the dogs going in their crates when we leave and I persevered with your idea of making the going in the crate a happy thing. At first Sophie would run under the bed but after several weeks of me being happy and consistent and offering a treat she now will follow Rudy and run to her crate and get in of her own accord and wait for her treat. It makes a huge difference to everyones mind set !!! So I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your time and great advice. Things are going so much better , we forget that sometimes time and patience is a great healer even for dogs. Judith and John Dugan

General & Meeko

I contacted Karen via email when my 2 dogs were having trouble getting along

due to dominance issues. Karen was efficient in returning my email and

arranging a phone call to discuss the possibility of her coming to my house.

She was extremely helpful on the phone with answering all of my many

questions. When Karen came to the house she did an excellent job in

explaining and discussing our dogs behaviors and why we were having problems

with them. She provided us with the techniques and tools that we needed to

make sure our dogs could live in harmony. She is an excellent teacher and

very knowledgeable about different dog behaviors. We are still using the

techniques to this date and we are happy to report that our dogs get along

much better! With a little exercises and discipline our dogs are the best of

friends. I don't know where we would be if Karen had never came into our


Tessa Loyd


My dog Tai was having some minor behavior problems, but a major problem barking at and chasing cars as they would drive past us on our walks (he had been hit by a car in the past, i believe). He was completely out of control and I was frankly embarrassed by the fact that I was helpless to stop him. Anyway, Karen was able to give me some good concrete advice and instruction about what i was doing wrong and how to correct him in the appropriate manner. Now, just a couple of weeks later, we have both made a ton of progress - rarely, he will let out a little growl when a car goes by, but even that is getting less and less frequent. Karen, I just can't thank you enough - you made me proud of my dog again!

Erin Bradford


Karen is amazing! She helped turn our growly, biting puppy from a monster into a mannered dog. Her philosophy and skills are just incredible, and her service is very affordable! This is perfect for anyone who doesn't have the time to commit to a training class. I highly recommend her!

Krisha Williams Turbeville

Ani and Marley

I own an American Pit Bull Terrier, a German shepherd mix and two Dalmatians. Karen visited my house because my deaf Dalmatian (Marley) was attacking my pit bull (Ani). Ani got beat up twice and I called Karen begging for her help. Karen came out and immediately realized that the problem wasn’t the dogs, it was me!

Karen quickly spotted the fact that my pit bull was spoiled and that I did not make her follow the rules. She said Ani had no respect, which was obvious to Karen because Ani was in Karen’s face wanting to be petted as soon as Karen walked in the door.

Marley was simply trying to discipline Ani because Marley did not think I would. As soon as Karen told me that it made absolute perfect sense. I always thought of myself as dog savvy-after all I run a pit bull rescue-but Karen was totally right. Ani had been rescued by myself twice (once from a high kill shelter, once from being stolen) and because of that I had cut Ani a lot of slack, letting her get away with a lot of stuff like “demanding” attention by jumping on people or by harassing them, she got on the furniture at will, I would also let her get in my lap any time she felt like. (pit bulls are notorious lap dogs)

Karen told me to start giving all the dogs more exercise. She suggested that I buy a treadmill since I am exhausted when I get home from work. She also told me I had to make Ani follow the rules and to no longer allow the dogs on the furniture unless they have my permission. Well, things have been going well. It was hard at first. Ani has the saddest eyes ever when she doesn’tget her way and it almost broke my heart to have to push her off of me when she tried to climb in my lap but I bought a treadmill. Ani is now a pro at it! She walks for 30 minutes a day at 3 miles an hour and I am getting ready to start teaching the other dogs to walk on the treadmill.

I admit that I do let Ani in my lap sometimes, but she only now when she sits, then I make her wait a couple of minutes then I tell her “come on” and she will jump in my lap. She seems to be a better balanced dog and she seems to be happier. Marley hasn’t attacked her a single time since Karen came over.

Besides helping my own personal dogs, Karen has helped numerous dogs in my rescue. Any time a dog in my rescue has a behavioral problem, I consult with Karen and set up a time to have her do an evaluation. Karen is an invaluable resource for my rescue and I don’t really know what we would do without her. I recommend Karen to anyone I know that has a dog problem or to anyone who contacts me who is having to get rid of their dog due to abehavioral issue. I even ask Karen to evaluate dogs I am considering bringing into my program. I trust her judgment completely, she is a terrific person with an immense knowledge of dog behavior. I know for my personal dogs that she pin pointed the problem within 5 minutes! I highly recommend Karen to anyone.

Mary Anne Thomason

Founder, Gentle Souls Pit Bull Rescue

Riley...The Vertical Jumper

Hi Karen,

Just thought you might like to know Riley, my white vertical jumper, was adopted by a dog trainer. She fell in love with him at Petco and her husband contacted me on the sly to surprise her. He's doing great! (Thank goodness he didn't eat the cat! He had never been cat tested , so I was a bit worried about the cat.)

The old GSD, Major, has moved on to his adoptive home in New England. Dozer and Blackie have settled back into their relative pack positions. And we have a much deeper appreciation of Betty since we have seen her through your eyes. 

Thanks again for helping us and for all you do for the animals!

Linda Huck

Tater's Ark Animal Welfare Fund, Inc.

An Arkansas NonProfit Corporation and 501(c)3 

Jocko & Rudy

I have two male cocker spaniels. Jocko-21 months, and Rudy-right around a year. Jocko went missing for 5 days in Nov. '09. While searching for him, I met...and fell in love with Rudy at the local shelter. The very day I adopted Rudy, I received a call from a woman who had found Jocko. I cannot stress enough to TAG YOUR DOG! at least with your phone #. That's what brought Jocko home. He had a severe ear injury and was very sick. He and Rudy were the best of buds for months. Then one day, out of no where, Rudy began attacking Jocko. This went on non stop for days. Rudy would stalk Jocko, corner him and the fight was on. I decided quickly this was an issue beyond my control. I was referred to Karen and called her desperate for help. It would be several days before we could meet. She was very helpful on the phone before she even met us. The day she came over she was able to quickly analyze the boys and pinpoint several problem areas. The main cause of the fighting was ME! She was able to break it down in dog-to-people terms for me and give me the guidance, instruction and recommended tools I needed to fix our issues. I was determined!That same night was when I received the bite trying to separate them. I then, as instructed, took them on a long walk. Within days I was seeing positive results! There were a few moments of what I like to call "grand standing" from Rudy, and a few scuffles, but sticking with the training Karen had given me, they are now back to being great friends. One helpful thing she taught me was to recognize a problem and correct it before it starts. I am so incredibly thankful for her help, guidance and above all... patiences. As long as you are willing to take the time and follow through with the training and instructions she has to offer, I would highly recommend her to anyone having dog issues in their home. Thank you so much again, Karen!

Hi Karen,

I met you today at the Humane Society, I was curious about adopting Burrito.

Your knowledge about dogs was very helpful and when I left I went straight home and took a walk with my dog Sampson and my 2yr old son Solomon.

We had a very successful walk and your idea of having his leash attached to the stroller really helped guide him.

You are very good at what you do and I thank you for your help. We are going to spend some more time with sampson

and then revisit adopting another smaller dog as a companion.

Peace and light to you,


For 8 years our dog Lambo had brought comfort and joy to hundreds of sick children as an animal assisted therapy dog at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. But sadly, this 12-year-old Bichon Frise found it difficult to cope with his own crippling illness. When Lambo’s eyes had to be removed because of severe, untreatable glaucoma, he lost the will to live and developed an enlarged heart that took his life 4 months later.

After Lambo died, our 10-year-old terrier mix, Snickers, lost her confidence and refused to come out of her kennel or go on her beloved walks. Ironically, Snickers was also blind and we had no idea how to help her or find another dog that would bond with her.

Thank goodness we met Karen at the Humane Society dog walk two days after Lambo passed on. Like an angel, Karen took us under her wing. She took the time to listen and learn about Snickers. Then Karen introduced us to a number of adoptable dogs that were there. She skillfully watched for a good match, saying things like, "Look at how Snickers is holding her tail," or "She'll tolerate this dog but they'll never be best friends," or "That dog is too aggressive." (Too bad they can't do that with people! LOL)

Still not satisfied that we had found the right dog, Karen offered to meet me, my husband Mike, and little Snickers at the Humane Society later that week. During our appointment, she patiently and expertly matched our little family with just the right dog.

We are now the proud dog-parents of Doodle, a 5-year-old Maltipoo who was rescued from the backyard of a crack house where she was found caged, alone, and neglected. You can see from the pictures that Karen couldn't have done a better job! Even though it’s just been a few days, Snickers has relaxed and her confidence and joy have returned. Not only have the dogs bonded but Mike and I are quickly falling head-over-heels with this sweet little girl who endearingly forgets to pull her tongue in. Although we will always remember Lambo, we are looking forward to giving Doodle a loving, forever home and enjoying this adorable dog for the rest of her life. As we do, we will never forget the difference Karen made in all four of our lives.

Cyndi Warren

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