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About Karen

I believe that no breed of dog is born with issues but rather develops issues. My standards are based on the belief that no dog should ever be physically abused or have cruelty inflicted upon them as a form of correction. If we use the appropriate forms of correction and act as our dogs calm stable leader than we will gain the trust and respect of our dogs. In gaining trust and respect our dogs will naturally want to follow us: then we can give them all the love they deserve. I believe this is the basis for any loving relationship human or canine. I believe also that by using dog psychology we are able to better understand a dogs true issues and therefore able to help them to move forward.

Karen Kelley is a real world behaviorist whose approach is based on the belief that no dog is born with issues. She has been working with dogs for the past 20 years and has found that dogs need a stable, balanced leader who can provide structure, appropriate discipline and exercise. Karen has worked with a variety of dogs that has included mixed breeds, great danes, yorkshire terriers, poodles, pitbulls, rottweilers, and german shepherds. Her experience in working with many breeds of dogs has taught her that problem behaviors are not specific to any particular breed, but to dogs as a species. Karen believes that no dog should ever be condemned without being given the opportunity to be rehabilitated.

Karen volunteers her services when needed to assist both shelter and rescue dogs in their rehabilitation towards becoming a more adoptable pet. She has developed a shelter rehabilitation program to assist staff and volunteers in their efforts to help more dogs.

Karen is a published author and has appeared in the "Shane and Sharon" episode of Confessions:Animal Hoarding on Animal Planet as a behavioral consultant. Using her many years of experience Karen helps each dog to become model citizens and find their forever homes.

Karen currently shares her life with a pack of 10 rescued dogs.

While most of my work is for private clients, I am sometimes asked to assess a dog for court, this is Norman, he was deemed "dangerous" after attacking and killing another dog. He was set to possibly be euthanized if he was found to be aggressive. I was asked to assess him for court and tesify on his behalf. This is the photo taken the day of court as he is being sent home with his mom and dad. While Norman still has some hurdles to overcome, and is not an aggressive dog, he is still listed as "dangerous"within the city. However that designation did not cost him his life, and he will live many more happy days with his family outside the city. I am adding this case to my website, because it truly does speak to the work I do, and my belief that no dog is born aggressive.

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